USD Price Oracle

The DUS Supply is elastic and responds to market demand

What is the USD Price Oracle?

DUS is effectively an on-chain price oracle for USD which provides a USD reference value through the asset instead of oracle data.

Why do we need this?

The usage of oracles in DeFi is essential in the current landscape but often provides a weakness and attack vector for the application or protocol making use of them. The most resilient and sound way to have a (USD) reference value is through an asset that is designed and can be trusted to consistently maintain a value of 1 USD.

How does it work?

The DUS Exchange Value is a value set through a peg with USD, 1 DUS equals 1 USD always. The DUCA Exchange Value is a reference value based on a basket of currencies which will be the fixed exchange value with DUS.

DUS will be available via two different pools that both provide deep liquidity.

  • DUS / USDC

  • DUCA / DUS

In the DUCA Market Maker, we have the DUCA / DUS Pool that is equipped with a rate provider. This results in a fixed exchange value between DUCA and DUS under all circumstances. That is not subject to any market value that deviates from these fixed exchange values. The DUS / USDC Pool is a Stableswap pool. This results in a fixed exchange value between USDC and DUS.


DUS can always be swapped instantly against those assets against a fixed value, so if one asset fails to temporarily maintain its peg, then the other reference asset is still available. This pool structure ensures that DUS can always be swapped against its reference value of 1 USD instantly. This resilient set-up means DUS can be used safely as a reference asset and price oracle for 1 USD since both referenced assets (DUCA and USDC) need to depeg as a prerequisite for DUS to be able to depeg. Since both assets are independent and non-correlated this event is highly unlikely.

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