Automated Market Operator

The great orchestrator

What is the Automated Market Operator?

The Automated Market Operator ("AMO") ensures the correct balances of the various liquidity pools within the DMM. It interacts between the DMM and the DUCA Core on a predetermined and transparent set of rules.

Why do we need it?

To maintain internal balances and ensure communications with the open market within the Protocol, whilst preserving the autonomy and integrity of the structure.

How does it work?

The AMO will have contracts to support the health of the DUCA Market Maker and the stability of the Protocol. This can be divided into 3 categories.


The arbitrage contracts, or ARBs are aimed at leveraging differences between the various pools in the DMM and leverage the arbitrage opportunity.


The balancer contracts are aimed at rebalancing the supply within the individual endogenous pools.


The stabiliser contracts are aimed at stabilising the various market values of the tokens on their target values and in doing so stabilise the protocol.

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