Stability token

DCM is a utility token that has as its function to stabilise DUCA, hence DCM is a stability token. DCM will consist of a maximum supply of 3.750.000.000 tokens but launches with an initial net circulating supply of 0 tokens. DCM has no fixed value, its exchange value will be determined by the open market.

DCM is a rebase token and should only be owned by experienced and knowledgeable investors and traders who have a proper understanding of the risk and mechanisms that influence the workings of the Protocol. The supply of DCM is elastic and the DCM supply in the EOA (External Owner of Address) can change on a continuous basis.

  • Token: Rebasable ERC-20

  • Supply: Maximum of 3.750.000.000

  • Utility: Stabilise the DUCA Protocol

  • Value: Clean Float

  • Redeemable: No

  • Legal rights / Ownership rights: None

Token Distribution

To ensure a fair distribution of DCM. The token distribution mechanism ensures that the amount of DCM in circulation is distributed in a credibly neutral way, transparent and 100% determined by market demand.

DCM will be distributed via a fixed schedule with fixed prices. This will constitute the primary market since these distributions are within a legal context issued from DUCATA. The distribution will be done via ducata.io. Every participant is required to register an account and go through the KYC procedure. The asset to be used for participating is USDC (Ethereum Mainnet). Participants will get DCM in return in accordance with the predetermined fixed pricing. DUCATA can set a maximum amount of funds that can be sent in per participant.

The distribution represents an inflation schedule, a transparent and predetermined schedule by which the circulating supply can increase in a credibly neutral way.

Batches of DCM will be available at a predetermined and fixed price schedule.

  • 250K DCM at $7,25

  • 250K DCM at $7,50

  • 250K DCM at $7,75

  • 250K DCM at $8,00

  • Every 250K DCM at +$0,25

The total amount of DCM (3,75B) is connected to this distribution model as a reference to DCM as digital gold. If all 3,75B DCM are distributed in this way the DCM Market Cap will equal the market cap of gold as calculated at the launch date.

This distribution model is a fair token sale model and is an effective and elegant method for distributing tokens at the actual market value. This model ensures that the tokens on the primary market are distributed against a transparent price level without DUCATA influencing the price or speed of distribution. It provides full transparency and clarity on the rate of inflation of DCM which provides 100% control to the open market on how much DCM will come into circulation and it's free from any influence of DUCATA as beneficiary.

The distributions will continue as long as there are tokens available to fill the next tier. If at some point no more tokens are available and at a later stage tokens are added to the Distribution Supply, the process continues when the next tier can be 100% filled.

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