DUCA Yield

What is DUCA yield?

The DUCA Yield is a sustainable incentive that is distributed to the DUCA owners.

How does it work?

The DUCA Yield is based upon the availability of DCM in the Treasury Fund.

Every day the actual Treasury Fund size is valued for a 200-day period. Based on this amount we calculated how much DCM is available per day. This amount we use to determine how much yield the Protocol could pay out for the current DUCA Market Cap valuing DCM against the Par Value. The outcome determines the DUCA Yield to be distributed with a maximum of 100%.

The second step is to create the DUCA to be distributed as yield by using DCM from the Treasury Fund, only now it is not valued against Par Value but against the DCM Market Value.


DUCA Yield in DCM (per day)=Treasury Fund size200\large \mathrm{DUCA\ Yield\ in\ DCM\ (per\ day)} = \frac{\mathrm{Treasury\ Fund\ size}}{200}

DUCA Yield %=DUCA Yield in DCM×DCM Par Value×365DUCA Market Cap\large \mathrm{DUCA\ Yield\ \%} = \frac{\mathrm{DUCA\ Yield\ in\ DCM} \times \mathrm{DCM\ Par\ Value} \times 365}{\mathrm{DUCA\ Market\ Cap}}


DUCA Yield (DUCA)=DUCA Market Cap×DUCA Yield %365\large \mathrm{DUCA\ Yield\ (DUCA)} = \frac{\mathrm{DUCA\ Market\ Cap} \times \mathrm{DUCA\ Yield\ \%}}{365}

DCM (Treasury)=DUCA Yield (DUCA)DCM Market Value\large \mathrm{DCM\ (Treasury)} = \frac{\mathrm{DUCA\ Yield\ (DUCA)}}{\mathrm{DCM\ Market\ Value}}

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