The Reserve is where native assets of the Protocol are stored. The Reserve consists of various siloed reserves that each contain a supply of tokens that form the underlying value within the Protocol for a specific token or purpose. From a traditional financial perspective, the reserves hold assets to back any outstanding liability the Protocol might have within the token economy to token owners.


The DCM Reserve contains all the DCM tokens that provide DUCA with its collateral backing. The size of the Reserve always represents 100% of the DUCA Supply as indicated through the Par Value.


The DUS Reserve contains all the DUCA tokens that provide the collateral backing for DUS. DUS has a Funding Ratio of 120% and whenever this reserve has a lower Funding Ratio available in DUCA the Stability Pool provides the additional DUCA in the Stake Escrow Reserve, seDUS so that the 120% Funding Ratio is present under all circumstances.

Good to know: DUS is the first DUCA-Backed Asset, each future DUCA-Backed Asset will have its own siloed DUCA Reserve and accompanying Stake Escrow Reserve.


The Stake Escrow Reserves are the reserves per DUCA-Backed Asset, which contain the DUCA tokens provided by the Stability Pool as a guarantee to maintain the 120% Funding Ratio. Each DUCA-backed asset has its own siloed 'seRESERVE' to ensure the 120% Funding Ratio.

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